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General information about the entry
Dataset code GSE983
Dataset Title Gene Expression-Based High Throughput Screening: Primary Patient AML Blasts, Normal Neutrophils, and Normal Monocytes
Description We developed a general approach to small molecule library screeening called GE-HTS (Gene Expression-Based High Throughput Screening) in which a gene expression signature is used as a surrogate for cellular states and applied it to the identification of compounds inducing the differentiation of acute myeloid leukemia cells. In screening 1,739 compounds, we identified 8 that reliably induced the differentiation signature, and furthermore yielded functional evidence of bona fide differentiation. This data set contains 3 primary patient AML samples, 3 normal human neutrophil and 3 normal human monocyte samples. This data set was used to identify the genes that distinguish AML cells from normal human myeloid cells for the purpose of selecting marker genes for the screen..
Organism Homo sapiens
Format Type Intensity
Number of Experiments 9
Maximum log 10.3684827646074
Minimum log -6.13628438585587
Original URL
Paper Reference Stegmaier K et al. Nat Genet. 2004 Mar;36(3):257-63. Epub 2004 Feb 8.
MEDLINE Reference 14770183
Experiment numberExperiment CodeExperiment Description
1GSE983_GSM15616AML1_HUFL;src:primary patient AML cells;agent=none;time=0 h;cell type=acute myelogenous leukemia;";
2GSE983_GSM15617AML2_HUFL;src:primary patient AML cells;agent=none;time=0 h;cell type=acute myelogenous leukemia;";
3GSE983_GSM15618AML3_HUFL;src:primary patient AML cells;agent=none;time=0 h;cell type=acute myelogenous leukemia;";
4GSE983_GSM15619POLY1_HUFL;src:normal human neutrophils;agent=none;time=0 h;cell type=neutrophil;";
5GSE983_GSM15620POLY2_HUFL;src:normal human neutrophils;agent=none;time=0 h;cell type=neutrophil;";
6GSE983_GSM15621POLY3_HUFL;src:normal human neutrophils;agent=none;time=0 h;cell type=neutrophil;";
7GSE983_GSM15622MONO1_HUFL;src:normal human monocytes;agent=none;time=0 h;cell type=monocyte;";
8GSE983_GSM15623MONO2_HUFL;src:normal human monocytes;agent=none;time=0 h;cell type=monocyte;";
9GSE983_GSM15624MONO3_HUFL;src:normal human monocytes;agent=none;time=0 h;cell type=monocyte;";