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General information about the entry
Dataset code GSE58
Dataset Title Serum stimulation of fibroblasts
Description The temporal program of gene expression during a model physiological response of human cells, the response of fibroblasts to serum, was explored with a complementary DNA microarray representing about 8600 different human genes. Genes could be clustered in groups on the basis of their temporal patterns of expression in this program. Many features of the transcriptional program appeared to be related to the physiology of wound repair suggesting that fibroblasts play a larger and richer role in this complex multicellular response than had previously been appreciated. This study is described more fully in Iyer VR, et al. 1999. Science 283:83-7.
Organism Homo sapiens
Format Type Dual_channel
cDNA array;Stanford_Scanalyze;GPL168
cDNA array;Stanford_Scanalyze;GPL169
Number of Experiments 18
Maximum log ratio 4.82396696286252
Minimum log ratio -4.1035739344251
Red channel log scale from 5.39231742277876 to 15.5083518924263
Green channel log scale from 5.6724253419715 to 15.5608104687279
Original URL
Paper Reference Iyer VR et al. Science. 1999 Jan 1;283(5398):83-7.
MEDLINE Reference 9872747
Experiment numberExperiment CodeExperiment Description
1GSE58_GSM1726Serum 0.25;src:T=0;src:15 minutes;time=15 minute;";
2GSE58_GSM1727Serum 02;src:T=0;src:2 hours;time=2 hour;";
3GSE58_GSM2154Unsynchronized;Category: Serum-response;Subcategory: Fibroblasts;Scanning Software: unknown;Software version: unknown;Lot batch = 320";
4GSE58_GSM2155Unsynchronized cyc;Category: Serum-response;Subcategory: Fibroblasts;Scanning Software: unknown;Software version: unknown;Lot batch = 321";
5GSE58_GSM2156Serum 16;src:T=0;src:16 hours;time=16 hour;";
6GSE58_GSM2157Serum 20;src:T=0;src:20 hours;time=20 hour;";
7GSE58_GSM2158Serum 24;src:T=0;src:24 hours;time=24 hour;";
8GSE58_GSM2159Serum 08;src:T=0;src:8 hours;time=8 hour;";
9GSE58_GSM2160Serum 12;src:T=0;src:12 hours;time=12 hour;";
10GSE58_GSM2161Serum 0.5;src:T=0;src:30 minutes;time=30 minute;";
11GSE58_GSM2162Serum 01;src:T=0;src:1 hour;time=1 hour;";
12GSE58_GSM2163Serum cyc 0.5;src:T=0;src:30 minutes;time=0.5 hour;";
13GSE58_GSM2164Serum 04;src:T=0;src:4 hours;time=4 hour;";
14GSE58_GSM2165Serum 06;src:T=0;src:6 hours;time=6 hour;";
15GSE58_GSM2166Serum cyc 2 hours;src:T=0;src:2 hours;time=2 hour;";
16GSE58_GSM2167Serum 0;src:T=0;src:0 minutes;time=0 minute;";
17GSE58_GSM2168Serum cyc 0;src:T=0;src:serum starved + cycloheximide (2 hours);time=0 hour;";
18GSE58_GSM2169Serum cyc 4 hours;src:T=0;src:4 hours;time=4 hour;";