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General information about the entry
Dataset code GSE1903
Dataset Title Mouse tissue comparison
Description An oligonucleotide microarray study of 42,000 new and predicted mouse genes across a comprehensive set of 55 tissues.
Organism Mus musculus
Format Type Basic_Ratio
Number of Experiments 55
Maximum log ratio 3.33414704676197
Minimum log ratio -19.9315685693242
Original URL
Paper Reference Zhang W et al. J Biol. 2004;3(5):21. Epub 2004 Dec 6.
MEDLINE Reference 15588312
Experiment numberExperiment CodeExperiment Description
1GSE1903_GSM33955Adrenal;Pool of RNA from Adrenal tissue";
2GSE1903_GSM33956Aorta;Pool of RNA from Aorta tissue";
3GSE1903_GSM33957Bladder;Pool of RNA from Bladder tissue";
4GSE1903_GSM33958Bone Marrow;Pool of RNA from Bone Marrow tissue";
5GSE1903_GSM33959Brain;Pool of RNA from Brain tissue";
6GSE1903_GSM33960Brown fat;Pool of RNA from Brown fat tissue";
7GSE1903_GSM33961Calvaria;Pool of RNA from Calvaria tissue";
8GSE1903_GSM33962Cerebellum;Pool of RNA from Cerebellum tissue";
9GSE1903_GSM33963Colon;Pool of RNA from Colon tissue";
10GSE1903_GSM33964Cortex;Pool of RNA from Cortex tissue";
11GSE1903_GSM33965Digit;Pool of RNA from Digit tissue";
12GSE1903_GSM33966E10.5 Head;Pool of RNA from E10.5 Head tissue";
13GSE1903_GSM33967E14.5 Head;Pool of RNA from E14.5 Head tissue";
14GSE1903_GSM33968ES;Pool of RNA from ES tissue";
15GSE1903_GSM33969Embryo;Pool of RNA from Embryo tissue";
16GSE1903_GSM33970Embryo 12.5;Pool of RNA from Embryo 12.5 tissue";
17GSE1903_GSM33971Embryo 9.5;Pool of RNA from Embryo 9.5 tissue";
18GSE1903_GSM33972Epididymus;Pool of RNA from Epididymus tissue";
19GSE1903_GSM33973Eye;Pool of RNA from Eye tissue";
20GSE1903_GSM33974Femur;Pool of RNA from Femur tissue";
21GSE1903_GSM33975Heart;Pool of RNA from Heart tissue";
22GSE1903_GSM33976Hindbrain;Pool of RNA from Hindbrain tissue";
23GSE1903_GSM33977Kidney;Pool of RNA from Kidney tissue";
24GSE1903_GSM33978Knee;Pool of RNA from Knee tissue";
25GSE1903_GSM33979Large intestine;Pool of RNA from Large intestine tissue";
26GSE1903_GSM33980Liver;Pool of RNA from Liver tissue";
27GSE1903_GSM33981Lung;Pool of RNA from Lung tissue";
28GSE1903_GSM33982Lymph node;Pool of RNA from Lymph node tissue";
29GSE1903_GSM33983Mammary gland;Pool of RNA from Mammary gland tissue";
30GSE1903_GSM33984Mandible;Pool of RNA from Mandible tissue";
31GSE1903_GSM34045Midbrain;Pool of RNA from Midbrain tissue";
32GSE1903_GSM34046Olfactory bulb;Pool of RNA from Olfactory bulb tissue";
33GSE1903_GSM34047Ovary;Pool of RNA from Ovary tissue";
34GSE1903_GSM34048Pancreas;Pool of RNA from Pancreas tissue";
35GSE1903_GSM34049Placenta 12.5;Pool of RNA from Placenta 12.5 tissue";
36GSE1903_GSM34050Placenta 9.5;Pool of RNA from Placenta 9.5 tissue";
37GSE1903_GSM34051Prostate;Pool of RNA from Prostate tissue";
38GSE1903_GSM34052Salivary;Pool of RNA from Salivary tissue";
39GSE1903_GSM34053Skeletal Muscle;Pool of RNA from Skeletal Muscle tissue";
40GSE1903_GSM34054Skin;Pool of RNA from Skin tissue";
41GSE1903_GSM34055Small intestine;Pool of RNA from Small intestine tissue";
42GSE1903_GSM34056Snout;Pool of RNA from Snout tissue";
43GSE1903_GSM34057Spinal cord;Pool of RNA from Spinal cord tissue";
44GSE1903_GSM34058Spleen;Pool of RNA from Spleen tissue";
45GSE1903_GSM34059Stomach;Pool of RNA from Stomach tissue";
46GSE1903_GSM34060Striatum;Pool of RNA from Striatum tissue";
47GSE1903_GSM34061Teeth;Pool of RNA from Teeth tissue";
48GSE1903_GSM34062Testis;Pool of RNA from Testis tissue";
49GSE1903_GSM34063Thymus;Pool of RNA from Thymus tissue";
50GSE1903_GSM34064Thyroid;Pool of RNA from Thyroid tissue";
51GSE1903_GSM34065Tongue;Pool of RNA from Tongue tissue";
52GSE1903_GSM34066Tongue surface;Pool of RNA from Tongue surface tissue";
53GSE1903_GSM34067Trachea;Pool of RNA from Trachea tissue";
54GSE1903_GSM34068Trigeminus;Pool of RNA from Trigeminus tissue";
55GSE1903_GSM34069Uterus;Pool of RNA from Uterus tissue";