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Dataset code GSE1555
Dataset Title Vehicle and sAPPalpha-treated hippocampal slice cultures
Description Gene expression changes induced by alpha-secretase cleaved amyloid precursor protein (sAPPalpha) in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures of male, postnatal day 15 mice (C57B6/SJL). Hippocampal slice cultures were treated with phosphate buffered saline (GSM26700, GSM26701, GSM26702) or 1 nM sAPPalpha (GSM26703, GSM26704, GSM26705) for 24 h. Each sample consists of total RNA isolated from 8-12 slices from 4 mice. Data were analyzed with MAS 5.0 and scaled to 2500. sAPPalpha induces the amyloid sequestration protein transthyretin, insulin-like growth factor 2, insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2, and other genes involved in protective pathways such as apoptosis inhibition, detoxification, and retinol transport. See Stein, TD, Anders, NJ, DeCarli, C, Chan, SL, Mattson, MP, and Johnson JA. Neutralization of transthyretin reverses the neuroprotective effects of secreted APP in APPSw mice resulting in tau phosphorylation and loss of hippocampal neurons: support for the amyloid hypothesis. J Neurosci. in press..
Organism Mus musculus
Format Type Intensity
Number of Experiments 6
Maximum log 9.72689164045604
Minimum log -9.73655923928931
Original URL
Paper Reference Stein TD et al. J Neurosci. 2004 Sep 1;24(35):7707-17.
MEDLINE Reference 15342738
Experiment numberExperiment CodeExperiment Description
1GSE1555_GSM26700vehicle #1;src:hippocampal slice cultures;agent=control;";
2GSE1555_GSM26701vehicle #2;src:hippocampal slice cultures;agent=control;";
3GSE1555_GSM26702vehicle #3;src:hippocampal slice cultures;agent=control;";
4GSE1555_GSM26703sAPPalpha #1;src:hippocampal slice cultures;agent=sAPPalpha;";
5GSE1555_GSM26704sAPPalpha #2;src:hippocampal slice cultures;agent=sAPPalpha;";
6GSE1555_GSM26705sAPPalpha #3;src:hippocampal slice cultures;agent=sAPPalpha;";