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General information about the entry
Dataset code GSE1017
Dataset Title Acute Quadriplegic Myopathy
Description AQM shows acute muscle wasting and weakness. Key aspects of AQM include muscle atrophy and myofilament loss. Gene expression profiling, using muscle biopsies from AQM, neurogenic atrophy and normal controls, showed that both myogenic and neurogenic atrophy share induction of myofiber-specific ubiquitin/proteosome pathways while only the AQM shows a specific strong induction of transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta/MAPK pathways..
Organism Homo sapiens
Format Type Intensity
Number of Experiments 5
Maximum log 6.19509172210295
Minimum log -8.27783613891611
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MEDLINE Reference Not available
Experiment numberExperiment CodeExperiment Description
1GSE1017_GSM15821AQM-64yM-1aAv2-s2;src:Human skeletal muscle;disease state=acute quadriplegic myopathy;gender=male;";
2GSE1017_GSM15942AQM-76yF-1aAv2-s2;src:Human skeletal muscle;disease state=acute quadriplegic myopathy;gender=female;";
3GSE1017_GSM15961AQM-n66yM-1aAv2-s2;src:Human skeletal muscle;disease state=normal;gender=male;";
4GSE1017_GSM15963AQM-77yF-1aAv2-s2;src:Human skeletal muscle;disease state=acute quadriplegic myopathy;gender=female;";
5GSE1017_GSM15971AQM-t66yM-1aAv2-s2;src:Human skeletal muscle;disease state=normal;gender=male;";